Putin-Trump BFF Pack
Putin-Trump BFF Pack
Putin-Trump BFF Pack

Putin-Trump BFF Pack

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Whenever we sell one of our Trump-Scented Candles, our hearts break a little bit. That’s because we have to separate it from our Putin-Scented Candles, and it feels like we’re splitting up one of history’s all-time greatest teams. So for a limited time only, you can buy these two candles together, at a discount that can only be described as tremendous. 

The “BFF Candle Pack” includes one Putin-Scented Candle and one Trump-Scented Candle for just $32. That is a significant savings off the regular price! What percentage savings? You do the math! 

With a Putin and Trump candle in your home, you can recreate one of the most beautiful relationships in the history of international relations. Does the scent of “woodsmoke, pine, and soil” go well with the scent of “meat and tanning oil”? Well, that’s one of the many things you’ll discover once you’ve made the smart move and bought the BFF Candle Pack. 

At the end of the day, the BFF Candle Pack is a great way to celebrate the heartwarming friendship that has blossomed between our president and the president of Russia. After all, what’s more important than friendship with Putin? (If you said “our national security” and/or “the integrity of our elections,” then yeah, we kind of see your point.)

You can even use the candles to make a puppet! We’ve done an instructional video, viewable at www.facebook.com/jdandkateindustries, but you can also probably figure it out yourself. 

P.S. If somehow it wasn’t obvious from the above, the Trump-Scented candle is not endorsed by or associated with President Trump. And, for that matter, our Putin-Scented candle isn’t endorsed by or associated with Vladimir Putin. The candles are actually pretty critical of Trump and Putin (at least compared to most candles), which is something to keep in mind if you were thinking about buying them for Trump and Putin as gifts.